Karynne H.
"Everyday was full of new and exciting experiences"

Travelled to Vietnam June 2019

My time in Vietnam has been absolutely life changing. I had very little concept of what to expect coming into this trip and it exceeded my expectations. We hit the ground running as soon as the plane touched down and never stopped moving.

Everyday was full of new and exciting experiences that brought me closer to my friends, challenged my comfort zone and expanded my knowledge of Vietnamese culture. This tour was very good at challenging us with local homestays, views of everyday life and the Vietnamese perspective of things but also gave us familiar things, like American food halfway through to keep us sane.

Our guide Chi was amazing at connecting and giving us so much information, he was also very levelheaded while leading all 35 of us everywhere. I also felt good about helping people as we went. During our trip we visited a center for Agent Orange victims and it has greatly impacted me. We also visited many restaurants that employed disabled, homeless or minority people.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience and am already looking forward to coming back as an adult.