Will B.
I will always hold Vietnam, its culture and people in a special place in my heart

Travelled to Vietnam in October 2018

My time in Vietnam has been the most amazing experience, it definitely was a trip of a lifetime. From the very first day, to the day we left I enjoyed every single part of the trip. I was lucky enough to come on this trip with 25 other students and 5 amazing teachers to share this amazing journey.

Everything that I witnessed on this trip was definitely eye opening, it was great to be able to experience a different culture, along with its foods and the lifestyle of Vietnam.

My favourite part of this journey was the school trip in Hue where we went into the mountains to support a Catholic school in need by helping them in the construction of their toilets and by donating $1200. This part of the trip was truly eye opening. It took me by surprise to see how happy the students and staff were even though they were surrounded by poverty. I truly loved seeing the kids smile as we talked to them, played with them and helped them out. This feeling is something I will hold close to my heart and is definitely a moment that I will never forget.

Our tour guide, Dao, made the experience even better with his knowledge on every location we visited and his deep connection with many places. He had a great sense of humor and for me he made my trip in Vietnam a trip I will never forget. I am extremely honoured to have been given this opportunity and I will always hold Vietnam, its culture and people in a special place in my heart.

Thank you Tram and it was an honour to meet you.