Chloe G.
Angkor Wat was absolutely breathtaking

Travelled to Cambodia and Vietnam in April 2017

My time in Cambodia and Vietnam has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The fact that our tour group fundraised all the money ourselves to travel to these beautiful places made it just that little bit more special. Throughout the trip I not only saw but also experienced many cultural differences, food and languages.

The lead up to the tour was alot of work as we raised $145 000 to travel overseas. At the time it felt like alot of hard work that just dragged on, however after seeing how people live and earn money in both Cambodia and Vietnam it has made me realise and appreciate how lucky I really am.

Everyday has been something new, our first day in Cambodia felt like a heat wave however we soon got used to it and were ready to explore. Angkor Wat was absolutely breath taking, it didn’t seem real. Bike riding through the jungle was something I won’t ever forget. If I were to go into detail about everything I loved it would be a novel however playing soccer against the Vietnamese School students was alot of fun, we laughed our way through it as we were shocking however tried our best.

Learning about the Khmer Rouge regime and the Vietnamese war was very emotional yet interesting as I never initially had much knowledge about these events and it was quite confronting to find out what actually happened.

Throughout the trip I’ve not only become closer to students on the tour but I’ve also made new friends. The tour guides have been above and beyond amazing! This whole experience has been one I will never forget and I highly recommend Vietnam School Tours as it has just been exceptional.

Thank you so, so much.