Tina T.
I was able to experience this country, with its rich culture and unique history

Travelled to Vietnam in September 2018

My time in Vietnam has been incredible. I was able to experience this country, with its rich culture and unique history, in a way that was authentic and truly inspiring with numerous visits to various museums, such as the War Remnants Museum, we were able to gain a meaningful insight into the lives of those residing in Vietnam during the Vietnam/American War, as well as some issues stemming from this event that are on going and prevalent in contemporary society, it was highly relevant and useful for us students.

This understanding of the war was heightened when we talked to war veterans, who shared personal anecdotes and opinions of pressing concerns at the time, also enabling us to form an emotional connection with this war of which Australia also played a role.

The food was amazing, everyone enjoyed trying the local cuisine although nearing the end of the trip, we started to crave food from back home :) The cyclo tours were also a unique way of experiencing the lifestyle and a traffic of Vietnam. Our time at Halong Bay was amazing. The scenery was gorgeous and the activities such as kayaking were another way of enjoying the beauty of the place.

Another aspect of the trip that I found to be inspiring was the trip to the centre for children with disabilities. It allowed us to recognise the presence and importance of issues in reality, some of which we would never encounter in our privileged life in Australia, allowing us to be more open-minded and accepting. It also fosters and ignites a mindset based on helping others in need.

The tour guides, who we got very close to shared how this trip positively affected their lives, which also filled me with happiness, as this trip itself was helping the local Vietnamese community achieve their goals and allows for a better way or standard of living.

I loved every aspeet of this trip and I thank anyone and everyone who helped make this trip possible. It really did open our eyes and change our lives.