Grace S.
They opened my eyes to the true meaning of happiness.

Travelled to Vietnam October 2018

I can’t thank Vietnam School Tours enough for allowing me to have this incredible experience. All of the time, effort and dedication was outstanding.

I loved coming to Vietnam, it wasn’t just about going shopping or staying in hotels but about immersing myself in the culture. Eating the food (which I did alot of), listening to music, learning how to barter and most importantly experiencing first hand the lifestyle of the Vietnamese. It was such a touching experience being able to travel to two schools, we were able to see first hand the impacts of living in disadventaged areas. We weren't only able to teach those children but we were able to be taught by them. I only hope that our help and donations will help them to have a better future.

I especially learnt an important lesson in happiness, all of the children we visited were happy. No matter the situation, circumstance or outcome they always had a smile on their faces. It made me step back and think about my morals. What do I value most? Why do I value it? They opened my eyes to the true meaning of happiness.

I enjoyed every experience, although some days on the bus were longer then others I always felt excited about what would come next. The scenery in Vietnam is stunning. During our trek through the rice fields the enormity of rice production and consumption became very clear, it is amazing to think the whole country is based around one main product.

I loved every destination, whether it was the bustling city of Hanoi to the relaxed countryside of Hue. I loved Halong Bay and especially Hoi An. I studied the Vietnam War recently at school and it was great to find out new facts and relive some of the action whilst travelling through the Cu Chi tunnels. To be put in the situation the Vietnamese army were in would have been traumatic, but as they never gave up hope, their story is one that shows the strength of the people.

The history of Vietnam is complicated and filled with war and violence but it is also filled with hope and the belief that tomorrow is going to be a better day. I would recommend this trip to anyone who asked, I have had the experience of a lifetime. It really did open my eyes and change my life.